My very useful baby purchases

Sleepyhead Deluxe 

For some reason, this just works. And works like magic. I use this inside Rayas baby bay crib and it fits perfectly. It cradles her and stops her from rolling onto her belly. It also has a great feature which allows the bottom to unclog and open up which is great, especially as Raya is very long for her age. It is perfect to travel with as its light and portable. I didn’t rush into buying it because it is a little on the expensive side and I was sceptical. But it is worth every penny for a good nights sleep. The only downside is that it states it’s suitable for ages 0-8months but I definitely wouldn’t be able to fit Raya up until that age as although it can open up, it’s quite narrow. However, they also have the sleepyhead grand available which is suitable for ages 9-36 months. 

Ewan the dreamsheep 

I never used any sleep aids with my older children as I was always sceptical that they wouldn’t work. However, I read such amazing reviews about this particular one that I bit the bullet and invested. And I’m so glad I did. It’s a soft and cuddly toy with light and sound features. I personally found the best feature to be the mimic sounds of the womb and heartbeat. Raya suffered terribly with colic up until the age of 6 weeks and this was the only thing to help settle her throughout the night. It would also make the perfect present. 

Shunggle Bath 

I’ve always panic bought a baby bath with every pregnancy because I’ve left it until the last minute. I done the same this time, and it turned out to be one of my best baby buys! Its got a really clever bum bump integrated, which makes it suitable from newborn and supports even the tiniest of babies. I also really like the fact it has a foam backrest for her head meaning she could sit inside unaided from day one which made it easy to wash. It’s small size makes it ideal to use in the bath, or on the floor, with a maximum line to fill inside for peace of mind. 

Mam Anti Colic bottles 

I’ve always been a Tommee Tippee kind of girl. But this time around I decided to try the Mam Anti colic bottles and they didn’t disappoint. Raya suffered terrible colic in the first 6 weeks and I felt like these, alongside infacol really helped. They have air vents at the bottom of the bottle, and you can actually hear the air escaping as baby sucks and drinks. By far the best feature for me is the self sterilising concept. The bottle comes apart into 6 parts; the lid, teat, bottle beck, rubber inner and bottom. This is a fantastic feature which allows you to thoroughly clean the bottle and make sure no milk residue is left inside. I found the self sterilising an absolute god send when Raya recently spent 2 nights in hospital. We were able to use her own bottles without the need of a bulky steriliser. You can sterilise 1 bottle at a time, all together or as many as you like at one time. I cannot rate them highly enough! 

Please note: I have not been paid to write this post and it isn’t an advertisement of any sort. I have paid for all these products myself and are purely recommendations based on how useful I have found them to be. 

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