Why We love Childs Farm

started using Childs Farm around 3 years ago when it was kindly recommended to me by a friend. Emmie, my youngest at the time was a year old and started to suffer from eczema and dry patches, especially on the creases of her arms. 
We visited the GP who prescribed some creams and ointments, but we were struggling to find a bubble bath sensitive  enough for her skin. 

I was having a discussion about it with my friend, who suggested Child’s Farm. I had always seen it when shopping in boots and Superdrug’s but never really got the chance to see what it was about (when you go shopping with children, you literally go straight in and straight out), so I decided to google. I read some really good reviews so I took the plunge and purchased the Bubble Bath. 

The most appealing thing about child’s farm products is the ingredients. 98% of the ingredients are naturally derived, and contain organic essential oils. They are also free from parabens, SLS, mineral oils and artificial colourings. 
So I continued to use the bubble bath for a couple of weeks and I was so impressed at how sensitive it actually was. It didn’t flare Emmies eczema at all, and her skin would always feel silky soft afterwards. It was lovely to finally find a product which allowed her to finally have bubbles back in her bath again, which was gentle enough to work for her skin. 

I then purchased a few more of the products, including the Hair and Body wash, which I have found very popular with 
my eldest, 8 year old daughter. 

During the last few months of my third pregnancy, I decided to buy the Baby range which included, the Baby Wash, the Baby bedtime bubbles and the Baby moisturiser. I had them ready and waiting for Rayas arrival in December, but when Emmies eczema flared up again around her mouth in the winter we found ourselves back at the doctors. She was prescribed a hydrocortisone cream which I was really hesitant to use. I don’t like the idea of anything harsh and abrasive on my children’s skin. That’s when I read about how good the Baby moisturiser was for eczema prone skin. 
I started using it everyday for a week and I could not believe the results. It worked like magic, nearly completely clearing it up. I allowed her to apply it herself, which made it more manageable. I now use this on all 3 of the girls after their bath time and not 
only does it smell incredible, it keeps their skin soft and smooth.

I’m a huge childs farm fan now and I would highly recommend their products to anybody with young children, whether they suffer with sensitive skin or not. Their packaging is quirky, very bright and colourful which comes in handy with very young children. It’s great to support a british brand who produce an organic children’s range with an affordable price bracket. You can order directly from their website or find them in most 
supermarkets, as well as Superdrug’s and Boots. Our bathroom is fully stocked up but I’m definitely going to try out their new shampoo and conditioner range which has recently launched. 

Please note: I have not been paid to write this post and it isn’t an advertisement of any sort. I have paid for all these products myself and are purely recommendations based on how useful I have found them to be. 

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