Zimpli Colour Change Gelli Baff

This week we were kindly sent some Zimpli Gelli Baff products for the older two girls to have some fun in the bath with. 

The girls really liked the look of the Colour Change Gelli Baff so this is the one we used first. They knew everything about it how worked because they love to watch the videos of other children trying them out of YouTube. They actually knew more about it than me! 
It came with an instruction booklet which was really clear, and stated to add the powder slowly to 4cm of warm water, and wait up to 10 minutes for it to form, stirring occasionally.  
The girls were super excited and waited patiently in their swimming costumes, but the Gelli formed within 5 minutes. 

Isla, my eldest daughter, was slightly hesitant of the texture of the Gelli, but Emmie got straight in. This was really impressive as she suffers with some sensory issues. I had a feel of the Gelli myself and I was pleasantly surprised. It actually felt lovely! 

They had a great time playing with some  of their smaller toys, such as Shopkins in the Gelli Baff. I would hide them and the girls had a certain amount of time each to see how many how they could find inside. 

The girls and I found this a fantastic sensory play product. It was so easy to set up, and although a little messy, it was easily washed away using the shower head. There was a second packet of powder which turned the Gelli back into liquid so it could easily drain away without blocking the plug hole. I was really impressed with this feature! It also changed the Gelli into a different colour, which kept the girls engaged. 

I enquired beforehand about any irritants as Emmie suffers with sensitive skin and eczema flare ups and was reassured that no harsh chemicals are used. I can confirm that although it had no particular benefit to her eczema, it didn’t cause any type of flare up. This is great, as it allows us to continue using them in the future. 

I would definitely recommend these products to parents of children aged 3+ to have some fun sensory play. We have a Glitter Gelli Baff which was also kindly gifted to us, which I intend on using at the weekend. I will set this one up in a tub and allow the girls to play together at the table. 

You can purchase these products directly from their website, as well as Argos, Amazon and Smyths toys. They have a huge range of products which can give children hours of fun, which can also be played with outside in gardens etc when the weather gets warmer. 

*This product was gifted in exchange for a review. All opinions and views are honest and my own. 

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